Cannabis Stuffed in Packaging of Popular Treats and Snacks Seized by Toronto Police

    The operatives of the Toronto Police nabbed a sizable amount of cannabis deliberately packaged in wrappers of popular snacks and treats in a recent search conducted in the area of Dufferin Street and Finch Avenue West.

    Massive Condom Heist Investigated by Ontario Provincial Police

    The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) operatives are presently on the lookout for the individuals responsible for the recent theft of a sizable amount of condoms in the township of Zorra.

    Investigation Called After Milton Kid’s Halloween Candy was Discovered “Spiked” with Screw and Razor

    Seemingly coming from a horror flick scene, operatives of the Halton Regional Police are currently launching an investigation after a razor and screw were found concealed in a bag of Halloween candy given to a 10-year old child while trickling or treating last week.

    New Pet Relief Areas Unveiled in Pearson Airport

    Suppose you’re a pet owner who’s looking to travel internationally with your furbaby soon. In that case, you will be happy to know that the Toronto Pearson Airport has just opened new pet relief areas on its premises.

    Moose Makes an Unexpected Visit to Saskatchewan School

    A moose recently made waves on the Internet when it was spotted breaking through an elementary school window in Saskatchewan and seemingly had a quick tour of the place.

    Pilot Sacked from His Job Implores Fellow Canadians to Resist the Federal Government’s COVID-19 “Tyranny”

    A seasoned Canadian pilot who used to work for a major airline company is asking his fellow citizens to fight the “tyranny” imposed by the federal government across the country. He shared that the current administration is using the COVID-19 pandemic to justify the oppression of the Canadian people.

    Two Suspects in Mask-Related Vancouver SkyTrain Attack Nabbed

    A man and a woman were recently arrested for allegedly violently attacking a female SkyTrain traveller. The said attack took place in late September after the victim called the pair’s attention because they were not wearing any masks while on their way to Burnaby.

    Asian Giant Hornet Caught in BC Territory, Close to Canada-US Border

    According to agriculture officials of British Columbia, an Asian giant hornet was caught in the area early in the morning today. The sizable insect was shut in a Japanese beetle trap placed near the border of Washington State.

    Unvaccinated Citizens Won’t be Able to Avail of the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit

    The Canadian Worker Lockdown Benefit has officially replaced the Canadian Recovery Benefit (CRB) earlier in October, according to an announcement made by Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland. However, there's a big catch.

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