Over 100 Shipping Containers Reported as Missing Off BC Coast Thought to Have Already Sunk

    According to the Canadian Coast Guard, most of the shipping containers that fell off the MV Zim Kingston while navigating the marine waters close to Victoria last month are believed to have already sunk to the bottom of the sea.

    As of this time, only four of the 109 containers have washed ashore after the incident. Based on the data gathered in late October, the MV Zim Kingston was ravaged by a fire while coasting the Juan de Fuca Strait area, which led to the toppling over of some of the cargo it was carrying.

    A spokesperson for the Canadian Coast Guard shared that efforts to locate the remaining shipping containers have proved to be challenging, especially with the storm swells, high tides, and weather issues in the past few days. “Unified Command believes that many, if not all, of the missing containers have sunk,” the spokesperson stressed. “There has been no sign of the other 105 containers.”

    Moreover, it was also revealed that the Canadian Coast Guard is currently working with the owner of the MV Zim Kingston to “assess the feasibility” of launching a search for the missing containers and planning the necessary next steps.

    “If a container does surface, it will be removed from the marine environment,” the Canadian Coast Guard spokesperson pointed out.

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