Two-Month Long Traffic Jams in Danforth Avenue to be Expected Starting November

    According to Metrolinx, drivers looking to navigate Danforth Avenue in the next two months should be more patient behind the wheel due to the anticipated traffic jams in the area.

    Albertans Say Yes to Keeping Daylight Saving Time in Recent Referendum

    The results garnered by Elections Alberta reveal that a slim majority of the residents of the province would like to retain the daylight saving time in a referendum issued on August 9, 2021.

    Ontario Bill Aims to Provide Workers with Better “Disconnecting from Work” Experience

    A bill currently proposed in the province of Ontario could become the landmark legislation that will provide workers with an improved work-life balance.

    Finance Minister Freeland Announces CRB Out, Canadian Worker Lockdown Benefit In

    Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland recently announced in a press conference that the Canadian Worker Lockdown Benefit has officially replaced the Canadian Recovery Benefit (CRB) as the program available to workers who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Elevated Levels of Carcinogen Found in Ombrelle Garnier Sunscreens, Recall Announced by Health Canada

    Health Canada recently issued a recall for Ombrelle Garnier Complete Dry Mist Spray sunscreen in SPF30, and SPF 60 after elevated levels of benzene...

    Sex Worker Cries Foul After Local Credit Union Rejected Her Application After Finding Out Her Profession

    A Vancouver-based sex worker, Charlee Beckett, revealed that a local credit union declined her application for a business bank account after telling them what...

    Unsanctioned Queen’s University Homecoming Gathers About 8,000 Students, Results to “Volatile” Encounter with Police

    Roughly 8,000 students of the Queen's University congregated in Kingston's Aberdeen Street a few days back and held an unsanctioned homecoming party. Police...

    CDC Announces the U.S. Will Allow Individuals With Mixed COVID-19 Vaccine Shots Inside Its Borders Next Month

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently announced that the United States would admit Canadians administered with mixed COVID-19 vaccine doses. This...

    Canadian National Railway Workers Get Together to Fight Forced Mandatory Vaccination Requirement

    Employees of the Canadian National Railway (CN) have recently convened to fight the forced vaccination requirement imposed by the company last month. This move...

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