Most Significant Population Decline Ever to Hit Since the Early 1980s Seen in Ontario

    According to data from Statistics Canada, thousands of people are leaving the east-central Canadian province of Ontario to settle in other places of the country. The agency reported that there are so many people exiting Ontario that it is already becoming the “largest population outflow since the early 1980s.”

    There have been nearly 12,000 individuals documented to depart from the province over the past few months. Experts theorize that this is the result of the opportunity to opt for remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Interestingly, the said report also divulged that more and more people are relocating to Nova Scotia and British Columbia, with the former tallying 5,000 new residents and 15,000 for the latter.

    Notably, Statistics Canada highlighted that there were about 123,000 Canadians who were recorded to move all over the country. This is the highest number to be recorded since the third quarter of 1991. The province of Alberta came in second regarding the number of residents resettling in other places, with nearly 5,500 residents moving out.

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