Two Suspects in Mask-Related Vancouver SkyTrain Attack Nabbed

    A man and a woman were recently arrested for allegedly violently attacking a female SkyTrain traveller. The said attack took place in late September after the victim called the pair’s attention because they were not wearing any masks while on their way to Burnaby.

    According to the Metro Vancouver Transit Police statement, the victim and her attackers were sitting close to one another during the trip. The former called their attention because they did not have any face coverings. The pair was heard to respond with “what’s it to you?” and then proceeded to hit the woman without provocation.

    The attackers continued to beat the victim until they exited at Metrotown Station. The Metro Vancouver Transit Police also emphasized in its statement that the beating was so violent and forceful that the woman “fell to the ground.”

    Notably, the identities of the attackers are already known to the police. The male suspect is 25 years old, and his female cohort is 19. They are both confirmed to be residents of Burnaby and charged with assault and assault causing bodily harm.

    Both suspects are out on provisional release on the condition that they will not have contact with the victim or else they will face more severe charges. They are also ordered to appear in court this December for a hearing.

    Constable Mike Yake stressed that everyone deserves to ride on transit feeling safe. “Anyone who resorts to violence will be held accountable,” he explained. “No matter what dispute a person may have with others, harassment or aggression is not the answer.”

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