Anti-COVID Vaccination and Pro-Freedom Advocate MPP Randy Hillier Slated to Run for Ontario Premier in 2022

    Ontario MPP Randy Hillier recently announced that he would be running for the position of Premier in next year’s election under the banner of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC). Hillier is one of the province’s most vocal opposers of the COVID-19 jabs and the despotic vaccine mandate imposed on the region’s citizens.

    The pro-freedom advocate revealed his endeavor to run for Ontario’s Premier during a rally against vaccine mandates held in Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square on Sunday. “We want to fight for freedom for justice, for democracy, for fairness,” Hillier stressed during his speech. “We have to fight this everywhere.”

    Remarkably, the anti-COVID vaccination politician has been helping spread his message of freedom for well over a year. Hillier has continually supported and spoken in various pro-freedom rallies and anti-lockdown gatherings across the province, with the most recent one on the second day of the First Responders rally on November 7.

    During his speech on Sunday, Hillier pointed out that people are at “war” with public health, the government, and the big pharmaceutical companies, whose corporate interests have ravaged not just the province of Ontario but the whole of Canada in the past 20 months.

    “To win this battle, it only takes one thing, and for all of us, to be honest, all of us to have this courage, the conviction, to speak truthfully and honestly,” the Ontario MPP stressed. “We’re going to fight this politically as well,” he added.

    Hillier reiterated that his bid for the position of Premier is all about keeping people’s freedoms unimpaired. “We’re are doing this for sons, our daughters, our grandsons, our granddaughters,” he explained. “Let’s do it and make sure that they have just as much freedom as to when I was when I was that little boy back in elementary school.”

    The pro-freedom politician capped off his Sunday speech by reminding the rally’s attendees to keep on pushing for a “culture that reflects our faith, our freedom, and our family.”

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