Moose Makes an Unexpected Visit to Saskatchewan School

    A moose recently made waves on the Internet when it was spotted breaking through an elementary school window in Saskatchewan and seemingly had a quick tour of the place. Images of the animal quickly circulated on social media, gathering comments and reactions from netizens.

    According to a tweet by 92.9 The Bull local radio host, Pat Dubois, the moose burst through the windows of the Sylvia Fedoruk Public school in Saskatoon, in Canada’s central prairie, on Thursday morning. He also related that the person who took the images of the animal touring the school’s premises out of the blue wanted to remain anonymous.

    The reactions and comments from netizens about the school’s unforeseen visitor were a mix of surprise, concern, and hilarity. A Twitter user from Germany wanted to know the animal’s motivation to run into a classroom. Natalie Morrill tweeted that “every day of school for the rest of your life is a letdown after the one where a moose bursts in through the window.”

    Another social media user named The Reverend Lady Clarence Cleerwater Revival pointed out that “the moose just wants to learn, and this is how they are treated smh.” However, some netizens were concerned about the moose’s condition with the broken glass surrounding the animal.

    A statement from the Saskatoon police revealed that conservation officers were immediately dispatched to the scene to prevent any possible injuries that the female moose might inflict on herself and transfer her to a safer environment.

    According to Steve Dobko, a conservation officer with the Ministry of Environment for Saskatchewan, the moose was a female yearling and weighed only about 750 to 800 pounds, light by moose standards. However, he added that the animal “took a wrong turn, and it ended up in a schoolyard,” with its natural habitat only a few blocks away.

    “If it just would have gone straight instead of turning left into the school, she would have been over a land bridge and back into nature,” said Sarah Paulgaard, mother of three girls who are enrolled in the Sylvia Fedoruk elementary school.

    But if the animal did just that, it wouldn’t become “fa-moose” on the web, would it?

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