YouTube Announces Its Blockage of Anti-Vaccine Content.

    Online video-sharing and social media platform YouTube recently announced that it had updated its guidelines to stifle the significantly growing number of videos that spread “medical misinformation” using their community.

    The amendment of YouTube’s guidelines was made public by its representatives on September 29. The main reason why the guidelines were updated is that the video-sharing platform is currently being swamped with “harmful” content that aims to spread “misinformation” about vaccines.

    YouTube stressed that it supported the administration of vaccines and emphasized that these were “approved and confirmed to be safe and effective” by local health authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO).

    Moreover, the video-sharing site related that it has already removed more than 130,000 videos last year for being violative of their COVID-19 guidelines, not to mention the potential harm to viewers should they be followed.

    To summarize YouTube’s updated COVID-19 guidelines, prohibited content now includes videos showing anti-vaccine statements and those that depict other chronic side effects aside from the ones provided by health authorities and experts. Additionally, they also cover videos that say vaccines do not work and contain various foreign substances.

    YouTube also emphasized that accounts or channels could be terminated if these new guidelines are violated.

    This is yet another move by “Big Tech” to suppress vaccine-related information that does not align with the popular vaccination agenda. Amongst deleted videos that provide “harmful” information were videos by individuals suffering from severe side effects from the so-called “safe and effective” vaccines. Thousands of people who are suffering from severe adverse reactions following the vaccination had their videos removed from the platform. It was their last chance to find some answers and closure, as many of them don’t get any answers from their doctors. Same doctors who claimed the vaccines are “safe and effective.”

    These injections are proven to be far less effective than the pharmaceutical companies claim to be, and much less safe, as thousands of people are confirmed dead across the world due to severe side effects to experimental mRNA vaccines.

    In their effort to please the US government along with their advertisers, YouTube decided to ban thousands of channels without warning. By doing so, the company is actively preventing the crucial information about possible vaccine injuries from getting out, potentially putting even more lives at risk.

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