PCR Test Lifted for Drivers Affected by the Recent BC Mudslides and Floods

    The Canada Border Services Agency revealed that drivers who will proceed to the US border and re-enter the country through Washington State to get around British Columbia's washed out and flooded highways would be exempted from obtaining a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test.

    Four Youths Kayaking in Evacuated Area Rescued by Abbotsford Police

    Officers of the Abbotsford Police launched a rescue mission for four young people who were kayaking in an evacuated area recently ravaged by a devastating flood. The said individuals had to be rescued after being trapped in “rising swift water.”

    Entrapment Operation Launched by Officials After Eurasian Wild Boars Have Been Spotted in Pickering

    Officials of the City of Pickering revealed that a group of Eurasian wild boars had been observed moving around the northern part of the area, setting off a search and catch operation that the Ministry of Natural Resources will organize.

    BC Ferries Announces Delays and Cancellations Amid the Ongoing Storm in the Region

    BC Ferries announced that service in many significant routes would either be cancelled or delayed due to the storm and flooding taking place in the territory of British Columbia. High winds primarily cause these service disruptions.

    Ontario Provincial Police Reports Bizarre Traffic Violation

    The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) operatives announced that they might have just become spectators to one of the most outlandish traffic violations in the region.

    Most Significant Population Decline Ever to Hit Since the Early 1980s Seen in Ontario

    According to data from Statistics Canada, thousands of people are leaving the east-central Canadian province of Ontario to settle in other places of the country. It reported that there are so many people exiting Ontario that it is already becoming the “largest population outflow since the early 1980s.”

    Montreal Resident Dishes Over $1,700 for Single Uber Eats Order

    If you’re anything like most people, chances are you’ve had your fair share of ordering food via Uber Eats, especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. But have you ever spent more than $1,700 to satisfy your food cravings?

    Canada-US Land Border Reopens with Minimal Delays

    The land border between Canada and the United States has officially been opened this morning after nearly twenty months of being closed. Things appeared to be relatively smooth despite the long lines of vehicles looking to cross the inter-state boundary.

    Assault Charge Slated to be Filed Against Needle-Stabbing Woman in Recent Vancouver Downtown East Side Incident

    The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) announced that the woman linked to a stabbing incident in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side using a dirty hypodermic needle as a weapon is already set to be filed with aggravated assault.

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