Most Significant Population Decline Ever to Hit Since the Early 1980s Seen in Ontario

    According to data from Statistics Canada, thousands of people are leaving the east-central Canadian province of Ontario to settle in other places of the country. It reported that there are so many people exiting Ontario that it is already becoming the “largest population outflow since the early 1980s.”

    YouTube Announces “Dislike” Counts are Now Private

    American online video sharing and social media platform YouTube announced that "dislike" counts for clips posted on their site will now be private to deter negative behavior and activities among some users. The said interface change will take effect immediately.

    Lawsuit Filed Against Drake and Travis Scott After Fatal AstroWorld Crowd Surge Incident

    Legal action has already been filed against rappers Drake and Travis Scott following the fatal crowd surge incident on November 5 during the Astroworld music festival in Houston, Texas.

    New Year’s Eve Event in Niagara Falls Cancelled Again

    Officials have recently announced that they will cancel this year's annual outdoor New Year's Eve event in Niagara Falls for the second time in a row.

    Metro Vancouver Vehicles Plagued with “Squid Game” Cards

    If you’re familiar with the Netflix hit, “Squid Game,” then you’re sure to be surprised to find one of the cards from the show conspicuously placed on your parked vehicle. While this may sound a bit incredible, owners of Metro Vancouver vehicles experienced just that recently.

    YouTube Announces Its Blockage of Anti-Vaccine Content.

    Online video-sharing and social media platform YouTube recently announced that it had updated its guidelines to stifle the significantly growing number of videos that...

    Possible COVID-19 Case During TIFF Screening Revealed.

    The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has recently revealed that an audience member in their last Sunday’s evening screening is possibly infected with COVID-19....

    Leylah Fernandez is On Her Way to the US Open Final.

    Leylah Fernandez is on a roll, and she’s on her way to the final round of the US Open tournament. The 19-year old tennis pro...

    Joe Rogan Shares How He Conquered COVID-19 Without The Vaccine.

    On Tuesday, UFC color commentator and podcast star Joe Rogan shared how he fully recovered from COVID-19 without taking a single shot of the...

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