New Pet Relief Areas Unveiled in Pearson Airport

    Suppose you’re a pet owner who’s looking to travel internationally with your furbaby soon. In that case, you will be happy to know that the Toronto Pearson Airport has just opened new pet relief areas on its premises.

    Located in Terminals 1 and 3 of the Pearson Aiport, the new pet relief areas were established to provide a comfortable space for pets to relieve themselves before or after a flight. The said relief areas also give domestic and international travellers flying with pets a nice nook to relax between connecting flights. They also flaunt authentic-looking fire hydrants to get the mood going for pets.

    Greater Toronto Airports Authority spokesperson, Beverly MacDonald, shared that besides taking convenience up a notch for domestic and international passengers accompanied by their pets, the new pet relief areas also feature modern plumbing facilities.

    “The in-ground flush system ensures that when an animal uses the area, any residue is removed from the area and dealt with in a similar way to any waste from washroom facilities,” she related. However, MacDonald still emphasized that pet owners are still required to pick up after their pets while in the Pearson Aiport.

    Additionally, domestic and international travellers with mobility and vision issues flying with pets and guide dogs can also use the Aira app service for additional wayfinding support. The new pet relief areas have received positive feedback ever since Pearson Airport opened them.

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