Asian Giant Hornet Caught in BC Territory, Close to Canada-US Border

    According to agriculture officials of British Columbia, an Asian giant hornet was caught in the area early in the morning today. The sizable insect was shut in a Japanese beetle trap placed near the border of Washington State.

    The said officials revealed that the Asian giant hornet was caught near the area where multiple nests used to be located. These nests were previously eradicated to prevent any potential untoward incidents that these insects could instigate.

    Renowned for its sheer size, the Asian giant hornet is the largest species of hornet on Earth. It is so big that its queens can easily reach more than a couple of inches in length when fully mature. It is not uncommon to see these insects flaunting a 3-inch wingspan, too.

    However, this not-so-little insect is also known for its voracious predatory habits. Experts say that a single Asian giant hornet can quickly kill more than 40 bees in a minute using its massive mandibles to decapitate the latter. In addition, Asian giant hornets typically raid beehives to hunt for bee larvae, which forms a significant component of their diet.

    Agriculture officials from BC and Washington State are slated to meet in the next few days to partner up and determine where the Asian giant hornet came from to prevent possible infestation in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

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