A Doctor from Ontario Quits After Revealing the “Unethical” Practices Carried Out by Medical Institutions During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    As a family practice and emergency room physician, it isn’t uncommon for Dr. Rochagné Kilian to regularly receive and treat patients rushed to the ER. However, Kilian knew something was off when the time came that almost all of the patients she was attending were individuals who already had two total doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Dr. Kilian eventually resigned because she knew that the Grey Bruce Health Services (GBHS) and the Ontario health system were practicing unethical behavior—particularly the championing of COVID-19 vaccines that seemed to do more harm than good. These vaccines caused the hospitalization of several persons from the time they were rolled out and administered to the public and resulted in the deaths of some people.

    Looking to clarify a few things about the current situation in the emergency room she was assigned to perform her medical duties, Dr. Kilian requested a virtual meeting with Gary Sims, CEO for GBHS, and other key staff members. She started the ball rolling by bringing up the issue of “coercive mentality” being imposed on people to receive the COVID-19 shots that are technically still in “clinical trials.” 

    Notably, Sims was not prepared to answer Kilian’s questions. 

    She was directed to one of the administrators of GBHS who related that they do not have “oversight or input” concerning the consent of individuals to get the COVID-19 jabs. The administrator stressed that it is the provincial government that sets the guidelines on the matter. Sims also added that due to the unique circumstances during the pandemic, certain “procedural normalities” are bypassed to provide the necessary medical assistance required by patients.

    “In a pandemic, they’re going to pass mandates, and they’re going to pass laws, and they’re going to pass directives as needed to manage that pandemic,” Sims explained. “And some of the things will feel like they’re infringing on or taking shortcuts—they are doing that directly to save lives,” he pointed out.

    Dr. Kilian then reminded Sims and the other GBHS key staff members that under the Tri-Council Policy Statement, protocols concerning the health and safety of patients should still be observed even during a pandemic. The Tri-Council Policy Statement is a set of guidelines established by the federal government of Canada regarding the “ethical conduct of research involving humans and/or human biological materials.”

    She reiterated that an “emergency situation” does not warrant taking shortcuts that could lead to the detriment of people who are relying on the GBHS for medical care and assistance. If these protocols are not appropriately observed, the GBHS is patently condoning a violation of the Tri-Council Policy Statement.

    This observation of Dr. Kilian irritated Sims, to which the latter responded: “Nobody is forcing you to do this. You have a right to say no,” he said. “But the reality is the government has the right to say that you’re not employed,” Sims further added.

    It was at this moment that Dr. Kilian resigned from her post. 

    This decision was primarily brought about by one crucial factor. Dr. Kilian noticed that when the rollout of vaccines started, she attended to patients experiencing strange cases of hypertension and blood sugar anomalies. Some of these patients are even close to critical even though they did not suffer from previously said health issues.

    “The only factor constant that changed in their life was the injection of an experimental biologic,” Dr. Kilian concluded. She has since relocated to Owen Sound and is practicing medicine there.

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