Pilot Sacked from His Job Implores Fellow Canadians to Resist the Federal Government’s COVID-19 “Tyranny”

    A seasoned Canadian pilot who used to work for a major airline company is asking his fellow citizens to fight the “tyranny” imposed by the federal government across the country. He shared that the current administration is using the COVID-19 pandemic to justify the oppression of the Canadian people.

    Greg was recently fired from his job for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine jabs. Unfortunately, hundreds of other individuals connected with the aviation sector also suffered the same fate for doing the same.

    The veteran pilot of thirty years related that the axing of several hundred employees and staff in the Canadian aviation sector is not about keeping citizens safe from the virus. He stressed that the Trudeau-led federal government’s vaccine mandate of having all federal workers and those connected in the transportation sector to get the shots is seemingly focused on taking away the citizens’ Constitutional rights and freedoms.

    Moreover, the said federal government mandate also commanded that all unvaccinated individuals will no longer be permitted to travel both domestically and internationally “by air, boat, or train.” Greg shared it is evident that this mandate is infringing on people’s rights.

    “This is going to a dark place, and we need to wake up,” Greg pointed. “That middle ground, we have to help them understand where they are going.” This analytical thinking is the prime reason why he and other professionals having backgrounds in aviation founded the group “Free to Fly” back in April.

    Starting with only four individuals, the group grew to 2,500 Canadian air traffic controllers, flight crews, and pilots over time. The group’s platform announced that they are a “group of professional pilots, flight attendants and other aviation professionals who passionately believe in the right to travel freely.” It also emphasized that they are “ardent defenders of people’s right to explore the world, without the threat of arbitrary limitations, such as vaccination status.”

    Apart from currently fighting the vaccine mandates imposed by airline companies on their employees and staff as a condition of employment, Free to Fly is also championing the people’s right to travel domestically and internationally without being coerced to get the COVID-19 shots.

    “If you love your kids and your grandkids, you need to start thinking about where this is going more broadly because perhaps health freedom isn’t forefront on your mind,” Greg related. “We’ve seen over the past year and its continuing, this impacts all of our freedoms, whether its freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, or life, liberty, security of the person.”

    On a related note, Canadian airline companies are still imposing the overreaching vaccine mandate among their respective employees. Air Canada has just placed 800 of its workforce on unpaid leave for not getting the jabs, while WestJet suspended 300 employees for the same reason.

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