Canadian National Railway Workers Get Together to Fight Forced Mandatory Vaccination Requirement

    Employees of the Canadian National Railway (CN) have recently convened to fight the forced vaccination requirement imposed by the company last month. This move is in response to CN’s announcement last month regarding a company-wide vaccination requirement, which is patently against the Constitutional freedoms of those who oppose getting jabbed with the experimental vaccine.

    On September 8, CN announced in a press release that it would implement the mandatory administration of COVID-19 vaccine jabs to all of its 25,000 employees, regardless if they are new hires or have been with the company for a long time already. Moreover, CN stressed that its vaccination requirement would also cover suppliers, agents, consultants, and any person who has access to CN’s properties in the country.

    While CN related that it would consider religious and medical exemptions for the mandatory vaccine requirement, most of its employees still feel that it violates their Constitutional freedoms. This mandate is violative because they believe they’ll face wrongful dismissal if they do not comply. In addition, some of them already suffer from anxiety and other mental pressures because of the mandate.

    “The stress at this point is very intense,” a CN worker who wants to remain anonymous shared. “I felt I was being bullied into injecting myself with an experimental vaccine with minimal safety trial data & no long-term safety data.”

    Another CN employee related a similar experience. “I worked through the pandemic from day one. In addition, I help to maintain a vast locomotive fleet at CN.” The employee even pointed out they are considered “front line workers,” which makes the threat of wrongful dismissal even more violative of their Constitutional freedoms given the contribution they give to the country and the people.

    The affected CN employees eventually sought legal assistance from the full-service law firm, Grey Wowk Spencer LLP, which sent a threat letter on September 27 to the company’s top brass to block the forced vaccination requirement.

    The threat letter emphasized that the law firm represents “a class of employees whose employment is threatened by suspension without pay with the possibility of termination by CN’s announcement that it intends to make double COVID-19 vaccination a bona fide occupational requirement, effective November 1, 2021.”

    Besides attaching a list of the employees opposing the forced vaccine requirement, Leighton Grey, Q.C. of Grey Wowk Spencer LLP, also disclosed that they are taking the position that they face wrongful dismissal.

    “Mandating employees to take the COVID-19 vaccine violates the fundamental tenet of medicine known as informed consent,” Grey explained further. “There are many reasonable and practical alternatives to mandatory vaccination that would be more effective at controlling the spread of the virus amongst CN employees, all of which are far less prejudicial than summary termination of loyal employees exercising their human right and civil liberty to refuse the vaccine.”

    After receiving the letter sent by its employees through the Grey Wowk Spencer LLP, which highlighted that “a class-action lawsuit will be brought, human rights claims will be filed and action for injunctive relief will be brought in federal court” if the vaccine requirement will still be pushed, CN has moved the deadline for the same to November 15, 2021.

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