Two-Month Long Traffic Jams in Danforth Avenue to be Expected Starting November

    According to Metrolinx, drivers looking to navigate Danforth Avenue in the next two months should be more patient behind the wheel due to the anticipated traffic jams in the area.

    Metrolinx pointed out that Danforth Avenue will be congested because of the slated construction projects soon carried out in its vicinity. One of these is the widening of the Danforth bridge.

    The arterial road between Scotia Avenue and Eastwood Avenue will be reduced to a single lane to give ample space for the construction crews overseeing the said projects. Moreover, the road and public transport agency stressed that the construction projects are expected to continue well into late December.

    While the anticipated gridlock in Danforth Avenue may be somewhat bothersome to drivers who regularly travel in the area, Metrolinx explained that it is just temporary and an inevitable consequence of its GO Expansion plan. Notably, part of the overall plan is to accommodate a future fourth track along the Lakeshore East line.

    Metrolinx related that while the sidewalks along Danforth Avenue will stay open, part of bus route 20, particularly the stop located at Medford and Danforth Avenue, will be slightly relocated 50 metres west on Danforth to accommodate the construction projects.

    Additionally, the road and public transport agency informed that the construction projects would be implemented from 7 AM to 7 PM daily, and “noise, vibration dust, and site lighting” will also be expected.

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