Ontario Provincial Police Reports Bizarre Traffic Violation

    The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) operatives announced that they might have just become spectators to one of the most outlandish traffic violations in the region.

    According to the OPP, a 25-year old male driver from Brampton was stopped in Caledon this week because he was cruising the highway with two mattresses piled up on the roof of his car. The said mattresses were secured in place by a fitted bedsheet, the ends of which were held by the vehicle’s passengers.

    The passengers—who were later identified as the driver’s friends—clutched the ends of the fitted bedsheet so the mattresses wouldn’t fall as the car navigated the town. One sat in the front seat, while the other was in the back to actualize their unconventional method of moving the mattresses to and fro.

    “Don’t rely on gravity to secure your load,” the OPP advised. “The OPP Caledon Detachment is reminding motorists that if they are planning on moving large objects, it is important to plan ahead and use the right tools.”

    Moreover, the OPP also revealed that the 25-year old Brampton driver was eventually fined $160 for an insecure load charge.

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