Metro Vancouver Vehicles Plagued with “Squid Game” Cards

    If you’re familiar with the Netflix hit, “Squid Game,” then you’re sure to be surprised to find one of the cards from the show conspicuously placed on your parked vehicle. While this may sound a bit incredible, owners of Metro Vancouver vehicles experienced just that recently.

    While returning to his car after shopping in the Metrotown mall last Wednesday, Dan Turner noticed a brown card with the distinct circle, triangle, and square marks resting on his vehicle’s windshield. A phone number is also printed at the back, just like the card from the show.

    “I looked around to see if all the cars next to me had one, and they hadn’t been picked,” Turner said. “I was parked for a while, though, so maybe the cars had shuffled by then.” He added that the whole experience was quite bizarre.

    Being a fan of the show, Turner eventually dialled the phone number printed on the back. He was surprised to hear a mechanical voice on the other line. “Do you need money?” The voice asked. “Do you want to participate in the game?”

    A few moments later, though, the voice broke character and encouraged Turner to join a call-in contest conducted by a local radio station, CFOX, where listeners can have the chance of bagging $10,000 if they call at the right time.

    According to the station’s program director Ronnie Stanton, he came up with the idea to use the cards from the show to add a thrilling vibe to market their contest. “We wanted to lean on it and run with it in a fun way,” Stanton stressed. “It’s such a phenomenon at the moment, that TV show.”

    The CFOX program director revealed that 2,000 of the said cards were left on vehicles parked on Robson Street and in Park Royal, Richmond Centre, Coquitlam Centre, and Metrotown. “No one was safe from our silliness,” Stanton added. “And no one’s going to get shot with our little Squid Game. There’s no creepy girl,” he explained.

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