Joe Rogan Shares How He Conquered COVID-19 Without The Vaccine.

    On Tuesday, UFC color commentator and podcast star Joe Rogan shared how he fully recovered from COVID-19 without taking a single shot of the vaccine.

    During his comeback installment of the Joe Rogan Experience with stand-up comedian and fellow podcaster Tom Segura, the 54-year old pointed out that he used a “kitchen sink” approach to get rid of the virus.

    Rogan related that besides taking massive amounts of Vitamin C, monoclonal antibodies, and several IV drips, he also had doses of the controversial drug ivermectin in his fight against COVID-19. 

    While monoclonal antibodies have been found to lower the potentially severe health risks of COVID-19 significantly, the information about Ivermectin’s efficacy against the virus has been heavily suppressed by the mainstream media and politicians.

    While hundreds if not thousands of physicians across the globe confirmed the effectiveness of Ivermectin in the early treatment of COVID-19 infection, mainstream media is calling it a “Horse Deworming Drug”, despite the fact that the team behind developing Ivermectin received a Nobel Prize back in 2015 for the use in humans.

    A number of news outlets picked up a recent story by a doctor, that claimed to see hundreds of patients flooding the ER with Ivermectin overdosing, which turned out to be false. The hospital confirmed that the individual has left their establishment two months prior to the so-called “incident”, and it has been confirmed by the hospital that not a single person has been treated for Ivermectin overdose.

    There was not a single death or severe side effect reported as a result of Ivermectin overdose in the history of the drug, which has been developed decades ago.

    Rogan, who admitted that he still hasn’t yet had even a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, pointed out that what’s bothering him is that big media outlets like CNN seem to make people who rely on other measures to fight the virus look crazy. Although the podcast star pointed out that he is not an “anti-vax person,” he has been a staunch critic of how getting COVID-19 jabs seemed to become mandatory these days.

    The UFC commentator shared that a physician gave him the prescription for Ivermectin as an early treatment for COVID-19 infection. Rogan stressed that he was “glad he got the virus” because it gave him the chance to prove his point on requiring people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. He added that getting infected with the virus gave him “a nice, legit solid excuse where I don’t have to do anything.”

    Reiterating how big media outlets like CNN seem to make people who take alternative measures like Ivermectin look crazy, the Joe Rogan Experience host emphasized that “what’s crazy is look how better I got” and “I got better pretty quick.”

    Joe shared a few pictures of him working out just a few days after the treatment, proving the point of using the alternative treatments for COVID-19 infection.

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