Vaccine vs. Natural Immunity for COVID-19: Which One Wins?

    Israel has been on our radar for credible COVID-19 data for quite some time now, as this is one of the first countries in the world to get over 80% of its population double-jabbed. 

    According to the latest numbers presented to the Israeli Health Ministry, vaccinations might not provide as much protection from COVID-19 compared to natural immunity from previous infections.

    Dr. Kobi Haviv, the director of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, in his recent interview with Channel 13, said that over 80% of current hospitalizations are fully vaccinated patients, compared to about 1% of previously infected but not vaccinated individuals. This is an alarming statement considering the total percentage of fully vaccinated citizens.

    “We now know that vaccine effectiveness is waning.”

    Said Dr. Kobi Haviv.

    Over 10,945 new COVID-19 cases have been reported today, Aug 25th. The highest daily anti-record for the last year, which pushes the total active infections in the country to over 1 Million. And according to the latest data, only about 1% of cases are among those who had been confirmed to have covid in the past.

    If this trend continues, hospitals will be overwhelmed by those who have been vaccinated but yet to receive their “booster” shot, which is extremely important to get as soon as possible, according to the latest address to the nation by Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

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