United Airlines Pilot Spearheads Medical Lawsuit Over Tyrannical Vaccine Mandate

    Captain Sherry Walker, a pilot for United Airlines with over three decades of experience, is leading the charge against the company’s manifestly despotic vaccine mandate that forces its employees to be administered with the experimental COVID-19 shots with no exceptions allowed.

    The said vaccine mandate was issued by United Airlines back in August. But, unfortunately, the company deliberately disregarded the need to allow employees to opt for a medical or religious exemption from getting the jabs.

    This lack of exemptions prodded Walker to help put up Airline Employees 4 Health Freedom (AE4HF), a group that champions the right to bodily autonomy and faith-based reasonable accommodations for all employees across all industries. While AE4HF started with only 184 members, it currently has a membership of almost 4,000 individuals as of October. Notably, Walker, backed by 2,000 other United Airlines employees, subsequently filed a lawsuit against the company for its apparent COVI-19 medical tyranny.

    The lawsuit Walker and her fellow AE4HF members filed against United Airlines primarily focuses on its “reasonable accommodation,” which involved placing an employee in unpaid, indefinite leave if they refused to get the COVID-19 shots. The seasoned pilot described the move as amounting to “self furlough” and “onerous and potentially not legal” because it violates their rights as provided under Title VII of the US Civil Rights Code.

    Fortunately, the court sided with AE4HF in September. It issued a temporary restraining order from United Airline’s “reasonable accommodation” so the affected employees could keep on working normally even with the illegal vaccine mandate in effect. What’s interesting is that although United Airlines agreed to suspend the vaccine mandate as per the court’s order, Walker related that the former almost immediately revoked on the same 12 or so hours later.

    The pilot of more than thirty years pointed out that they will continue their fight against the forced COVID-19 vaccination of United Airlines employees despite what happened. “You cannot tread on our faith,” Walker emphasized. “We have constitutional rights.”

    She also reiterated that one of the foundations of AE4HF’s institution is to bring back the “foundations in which America was built” and sustain them for future generations. “In the name of the Father, we are standing here today to say no more,” Walker stressed.

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