Twitter Deliberately Censors Michael Robison’s Warning Against the Adverse Health Effects of the COVID-19 Vaccine.

    Twitter is at it again with its seemingly intentional suppression of people’s freedom of expression who are sharing their horrible experiences with the COVID-19 vaccine on its platform.

    The social media site’s newest victim is entrepreneur, financial advisor, and animal conservationist Michael Robison. He shared how his overall health and wellness went downhill after being administered with the COVID-19 jabs.

    Robison, the founder of SPARTN Monkey Rescue, shared in a series of tweets how his health deteriorated after being injected with the COVID-19 vaccine. He related that due to the “degraded mRNA protein spike via dendritic reaction” brought about by the shots, he recently found out that this body is now fighting a rare form of cancer.

    In a follow-up tweet, Robison disclosed that he was suffering from the onset of T-cell lymphoma. He stressed that it’s evident that the reason for his health problem is the “clearing of the inert 19 protein spike by the immune system,” which leaves the body vulnerable for quite some time and encourages the development of “autoimmune issues.”

    The financial advisor and entrepreneur added that “the CDC, Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J know that the instability of IVT use of mRNA,” which makes it questionable why the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine is aggressively pushed by the U.S. government and its federal health agencies.

    Moreover, Robison pointed out that the clearing of inert 19 protein spike not just causes leukemia and T-Cell lymphoma but also skin disorders that “require lifelong maintenance and treatment.” The SPARTN Monkey Rescue founder even highlighted that “all such issues and cases have been consistently reported to VAERS which is co-managed by the CDC & FDA.”

    However, “no attention or research has been prioritized or funded for this repository of information,” Robison’s thread exposed. “This vaccine is the largest form of a clinical trial in the history of mankind,” he concluded after warning other Twitter users to “be aware.”

    Akin to other brave individuals who shared their disastrous COVID-19 vaccine experiences on Twitter, it did not take long for the social media site to label Robison’s tweets as “misleading.” And after just a few minutes, the said tweets cannot be liked, commented on, or even shared.

    Robison recently protested about the unwarranted censorship with the following tweet: “The censorship is unreal! @Twitter, this is wrong. What I shared here is documented and backed up by medical professionals, including the former director of the NIH.”

    But just like the other tweets that revealed the adverse health effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, Robison’s revelations and warnings were swept under the social media rug. “It’s good to be reminded that social media is nothing more than a highlight reel of life, managed by agendas, driven by money,” he said as a parting shot.

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