Whistleblowers in Poland Reveal that Pfizer Allegedly Uses Orphan Infants for COVID-19 Vaccine Testing.

    American activist group, Children’s Health Defense recently divulged that it had been alerted by several whistleblowers in Poland who leaked the alleged practice of Pfizer regarding its use of orphan infants in COVID-19 vaccine testing.

    According to the whistleblowers, the pharmaceutical company is specifically utilizing 6-month old orphan babies, who are deliberately infected with the virus and are subjected to various clinical testing procedures to verify the efficacy of its vaccine.

    Whistleblowers reported that around 1,000 children are injected in Poland, mostly from orphanages and care homes. Besides being unethical, this alleged testing is also considered illegal under Polish law.

    The whistleblowers added that the particular age group is used since it has been confirmed in several scientific studies that young children cannot be infected entirely with COVID-19. This fact already eliminates the need for children to be administered with the COVID-19 jabs. Contrary to what most governments and their policymakers across the globe are pushing.

    Moreover, young children do not experience adverse health effects, manifesting only when the virus hits older individuals.

    Apart from Children’s Health Defense, the news of this alleged unacceptable practice of Pfizer using orphaned babies for COVID-19 vaccine testing also reached other activist groups, medical professionals, and legal organizations. These include the New Spectrum Foundation, the Dobrostan Health Information Center Association, the Association of Lawyers Voice of Freedom, and the Polish Association of Independent Doctors and Scientists.

    They share the same view that Pfizer is “operating outside legal boundaries” and must be stopped if proved to be true. In addition, specific criminal actions and sanctions should also be put in motion since these acts already constitute child abuse and other related crimes.

    While extensive testing is essential for creating pharmaceutical products, including the COVID-19 vaccine, critical legal, ethical, and moral factors should be observed. Sadly, using disadvantaged individuals such as impoverished populations, political refugees, the physically and mentally disabled, and orphans in clinical testing is a sad reality.

    American physician Stanley Plotkin, inventor of the rubella vaccine and deemed the so-called “pope of vaccines,” was even documented to have said that “disabled people were only human in form” to justify their forced participation in past vaccine testing activities.

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