Toronto Public Schools to Provide Take-Home COVID-19 Tests

    Rather than making an appointment at a community clinic, Toronto public school students may opt for a take-home COVID-19 testing kit if they were exposed to the virus.

    According to an announcement by Toronto Public Health (TPH) on Monday, it disclosed that it would be working jointly with hospitals to set up a take-home testing program for students in the city. These include the Michael Garron Hospital, the Women’s College Hospital, the Hospital for Sick Children, and Ontario Health.

    The take-home COVID-19 tests will be provided to students who had exposure to infected individuals and those who are exhibiting symptoms of infection. It was also announced that the less-invasive saliva or nose swab would be integrated with the testing kits.

    While the province of Ontario previously announced that a similar set-up would be piloted in the regions of Peel and York, it was stressed that the pilot areas wouldn’t include Toronto to avoid unnecessarily duplicating the guidelines and policies set by TPH and its partners.

    Moreover, besides encouraging students 12 years of age and up to have their COVID-19 vaccine shots, TPH is also proposing the use of face masks by kindergarteners during class.

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