Chris Sky: Canadian People Reaching a Boiling Point.

    On Sunday, outspoken activist, patriot, and critical thinker Chris Sky announced that his predictions about the people of Canada “reaching a boiling point” and “turning on the government” amid the COVID-19 pandemic are already becoming a reality.

    During his recent interview in the Stew Peters Show, Sky shared that Canadians are starting to realize that the government’s strategies in combating the pandemic are counter-productive and only put in place to take away the rights and freedoms of the Canadian people.

    Although it took a bit of time to get the ball rolling, Sky emphasized that the final straw is when Trudeau started traveling around the country and try to justify the idea of “no vaccination, no rights, and freedoms.”

    Not long ago, it was announced in several provinces of the country that getting the COVID-19 vaccine is essential to obtain a “vaccine passport.” It can be likened to a certificate required to access public and private establishments, as well as events and activities.

    Apart from being declined admittance in indoor sporting events, theatres, and restaurants, those without a vaccination passport would also be unable to attend concerts, visit nightclubs, and go to the gym—activities that all citizens could enjoy before the pandemic.

    Sky related that he believes the government’s introduction of the “vaccine passports” all over Canada aimed to divide the society so it can implement its tyrannical control grid.

    However, the activist stressed that instead of splitting up the Canadian citizens, the people— both vaccinated and not—are slowly realizing that they value their freedoms and are having none of the manipulative measures that the Trudeau government has and are continuing to set up.

    Sky shared that people who are tired of the government’s lies and manipulation are flocking to the Prime Minister’s public speaking engagements to mock him, holding signs and chanting things like, “Hey ho, Trudeau must go!”

    Even more interesting is that Sky’s supporters are always outnumbering Trudeau’s people in the hundreds. And the number and diversity of his followers are still growing each rally he attends.

    “In Niagara Falls, we had active duty firefighters pull over in the firetruck to congratulate me and show support for the movement,” he related. “In Collingwood, we had active duty police officers in the crowd as protesters because everybody is against the vaccine passport.”

    When asked what his next steps were, Sky highlighted that he and his supporters would take action against the vaccine passport. “When we take action in united non-compliance, and we all say no to that passport, and that goes away, all the other mandates will go away.”

    If that phase is through, he said that it would be the time to have a political solution. “If people want me to run for Prime Minister, they can talk about it at that point,” he added.

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