Silent Protest Against Mandatory Vaccination Held by First Responders in Toronto

    First responders have held a silent protest on Monday in Queen’s Park in Toronto, Ontario, to show their disapproval of the mandatory vaccination pushed by the national government.

    While the exact number of persons who participated in the silent protest is still being verified, the event was attended by paramedics, firefighters, police officers, and other frontline workers.

    The September 13 silent protest lasted for several minutes. The participants held signs that displayed their alarm and dissent with the government’s push for mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 and how it handles the pandemic. For example, one of the signs the protesters held said “Toronto Stands with Calgary,” another displayed “Frontline for Freedom,” and one more said “First Responders for No Mandate.”

    Healthcare workers also staged a similar silent protest outside the Toronto General Hospital last Monday in a related event. Amid pleas from other medical professionals, the protesters also held signs voicing out for them during the event. “No division means no vax pass,” one sign said, while another read, “I demand my right to be ignorant and selfish.”

    According to a statement by the Toronto Police, no charges were filed, and no arrests were made due to the silent protests held in the two separate venues.

    Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has always emphasized in his campaign trail that access to health care facilities and services is crucial. He also related that a re-elected government will make it a crime to “threaten or intimidate a patient on their way to get medical services or a healthcare practitioner on their way to work in the practice and exercise of their duty.”

    And with the mandatory vaccination pushed by the national government these days, it is not surprising that “access to health care facilities and services” will include getting COVID-19 jabs.

    This is especially disturbing in light of a recent elevation if COVID hospitalizations among fully vaccinated citizens. Israel is reporting a waining in vaccine protection, while German Chief Pathologist Peter Schirmacher concluded that 30 to 40% of recent deaths were related to vaccine injections based on autopsies he conducted.

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