Liberals and New Democrats Looking to Penalize Protesters “Harassing” Healthcare Workers with Criminal Charges

    On Monday, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and New Democrats standard-bearer Jagmeet Singh announced that they would slap criminal charges on anyone who harasses healthcare workers or blocks hospitals during protests against COVID-19 prevention measures.

    These declarations are in response to the recent warning voiced out by a group called “Canadian Frontline Nurses” that its members will hold “silent vigils” across the country against the “tyrannical measures and overreach” committed by the federal government this time of the pandemic. It is important to note, that a large portion of people attending the demonstrations are in fact front-line healthcare workers and their supporters, who are against mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports.

    While Justin Trudeau along with mainstream media is pushing hard for mass vaccinations, many remain skeptical and cautious, especially in light of recent claims by German Chief Pathologist Peter Schirmacher, who has recently announced that 30 to 40 percent of people he examined not long ago were found to have died from COVID-19 vaccine-related issues.

    During a speaking engagement in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, NDP leader Singh pointed out that while the federal government cannot entirely prohibit its citizens from holding protests, the people participating in them should avoid specific actions. Or else the Criminal Code will already apply, he added.

    Singh stressed that significant examples of these actions include obstructing or harassing someone from accessing medical care and assaulting a healthcare worker. He also emphasized that holding a protest in the vicinity of a hospital is much different from having one elsewhere, like rail lines, because someone could die in the former.

    “It is not the space,” Singh explained. “It is not the place to protest.” However, the NDP head also emphasized that “if you’re in any way threatening healthcare workers, impeding their ability to go to work, you’re impeding patients’ access to care.” This remark by Jagmeet Singh may have a serious backlash, as in the near future, a large number of nurses and doctors will lose their jobs if they refuse to vaccinate, meaning the government itself will be causing intimidation of Canadian front-line workers.

    Meanwhile, in Vancouver, Liberal Leader Trudeau revealed that he and his party have already instituted some possible provisions slated to be used as a legal basis against people targeting doctors and nurses because they don’t share their point of view.

    Trudeau stressed that “it’s not OK any day to know that a nurse going into a late shift crossing a parking lot might be afraid that there could be someone there to spit on her or shout obscenities at her.” Interestingly enough, Liberal Leader is trying to twist the facts and make the public believe these protests are anti-healthcare workers, where in fact a huge number of protesters are frontline healthcare workers themselves.

    In related news, first responders have held a silent protest on Monday in Queen’s Park in Toronto, Ontario, to show their disapproval of the mandatory vaccination pushed by the national government. The group was composed of paramedics, firefighters, police officers, and other frontline workers.

    A similar protest was also held outside the Toronto General Hospital by healthcare workers on the same date. Amid pleas from other medical professionals, the protesters also held signs voicing out for them during the event. “No division means no vax pass,” one sign said, while another read, “I demand my right to be ignorant and selfish.”

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