Senior UK Lawyer Reveals the Illegality of COVID-19 Vaccine Administration and Constitutes “Genocide”.

    Anna De Buisseret, a senior lawyer and retired army officer from the UK, recently spoke about the patent illegality of the administration of COVID-19 vaccines. She stressed that these shots are deemed as “experimental injections” and have an element of risk that seems to be deliberately overlooked by policymakers.

    This risk is indicated in the several adverse health reactions that people administered with the COVID-19 vaccines were reported to have experienced. These negative health reactions include heart issues like myocarditis and pericarditis and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), a rapidly progressive, invariably fatal neurodegenerative brain disorder.

    Specializing in management consultancy and as a city lawyer,  De Buisseret pointed out that there is clear evidence that the COVID-19 vaccine—technically experimental injections—cause harm when jabbed into the human body. “We are a common law jurisdiction, and these vaccines are causing harm,” she argued. “It’s against the law to cause harm.”

    The senior lawyer and retired army officer added that it is also a duty of every person “to prevent harm from happening.” And this is the main reason why she is standing up against this openly harmful and forced vaccination.

    De Buisseret explained that the UK government and its policymakers seem to have overlooked the fact that the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine injections breaches the tenets of both local and international laws. “They constitute crimes against humanity,” she said. “They are bioweapons on the evidence that this is a eugenics program.”

    The lawyer of almost three decades concluded that this propaganda of pushing for the vaccination of citizens, particularly children below 18 years of age who cannot give their informed consent to experimental medical treatment, seems to have a grim purpose. “It’s genocide,” De Buisseret emphasized. “It is a medical apartheid.” She also related that children are being “murdered” with the roll-out of these experimental injections.

    Apart from fighting the illegality of the COVID-19 vaccine administration, De Buisseret is also standing up against the oppressive mandates of wearing masks and the need for a medical passport. Moreover, the senior lawyer and retired army officer also stressed the importance of people knowing their rights to uphold them.

    She stressed that knowing your rights prevents oppression, which is what these unwarranted mandates seem. “No oppressive regime has ever lasted because we the people stand up,” De Buisseret reminded.

    The video may be found below.

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