RCMP: BC Man Who Refused to Wear Mask Urinated on Port Alberni Restaurant Floor.

    Well, somebody’s in a “pissy” mood.

    Diners and staff of a local restaurant in Port Alberni were horrified to see a man urinating in front of a counter on Tuesday morning.

    According to the report filed with the Port Alberni RCMP, the still-unidentified man entered the restaurant at around 9 AM. He almost immediately got into a heated argument with the staff after being asked to wear a mask.

    The dining place’s staff eventually asked the man to leave, making him more “verbally abusive and aggressive. However, witnesses said that he exited the restaurant shortly after.

    However, this is where things get strange. According to the witnesses, the man returned inside the restaurant after a few moments, positioned himself at the front counter, pulled down his pants, and urinated right then and there.

    The man left straight away after doing the deed.

    In a statement regarding the incident, Chris Manseau, BC RCMP Media Relations Officer, said that what the man did was truly disturbing and shocking to the restaurant’s patrons and staff.

    Manseau also stressed that the suspect’s actions are “being investigated as an indecent act,” given that he willfully performed it with the intent to offend or insult in a public place.”

    The Port Alberni RCMP encourages the public to contact their office at 250-723-2424 regarding any valuable information to help identify and apprehend the suspect.

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