Extremely Muscular Cougar Caught on Home Surveillance Camera in BC.

    A cougar flaunting well-defined muscles was recorded climbing a fence and hopping it afterward near 55th and 240th in Langley, Vancouver. The incident took place on Sunday.

    In the video posted on a social media site, the large feline can be observed creeping up a steel gate and warily checking out if the coast is clear. A few moments later, the animal stealthily inched its way up the top of the gate and jumped off.

    It is still unknown where the cougar was headed or what prompted it to prowl the area.

    Apart from being considered the 4th largest cats in the world, cougars also can jump up to 25 feet from a sitting position. And while this may sound odd, cougar cubs are born with spots, which tend to disappear when they are ten months of age.

    The Guinness Book of Records also lists the cougar as the animal with the most names. Besides being called panther, catamount, and mountain cat, other English monikers for this large feline include mountain lion and puma.

    While cougars tend to flee when they encounter humans, there are still instances when they can get aggressive and hostile. For example, a woman in Fraser Valley was required to be airlifted to a hospital because she was attacked by a cougar early this year.

    Staying calm and avoiding startling the animal are the two most crucial things you need to keep in mind to prevent a cougar attack.

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