Indoor Dining Temporarily Halted in St. Lawrence Market.

    Falling in with the province of Ontario’s vaccine passport protocols, St. Lawrence Market has recently announced that it will temporarily close off its indoor dining seating area. The announcement was made last Wednesday on social media.

    According to the St. Lawrence Market’s social media post, it would be highly impractical to leave only one door open to verify the vaccination receipts of patrons. Additionally, this can also cause problems in the traffic of shoppers inside the establishment.

    It was decided that the indoor dining seating area of St. Lawrence Market will be closed so that shoppers can freely get in and out without being subjected to possibly long waiting times to check their vaccination receipts. Instead, the whole place will now be operating as a grocery market.

    Apart from reminding shoppers that the wearing of masks is mandatory when inside its premises, St. Lawrence Market also related in its recent social media post that “outdoor picnic tables will continue to be available for people who wish to eat and drink outside.”

    The St. Lawrence Market’s decision to close off its indoor dining seating area is mainly brought about by Ontario’s implementation of the vaccine passport system. The said system mandates that all patrons eating inside an indoor establishment have already been administered two total doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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