Alberta’s Dr. Hinshaw Discloses “COVID-19 Party” that Sent Several Individuals to the Hospital.

    On Thursday, Alberta’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, revealed that some residents in the province held a recent “COVID-19 party” to deliberately infect themselves with the virus. The goal of the event was to get sick intentionally so the participants would achieve natural immunity.

    However, the province of Alberta’s top doctor did not provide additional details regarding the said event, mainly who were involved and the exact timeline of its occurrence.

    According to Hinshaw, the “COVID-19 party” held in Edson, Alberta, ended in disaster, with most of its participants sent to the hospital afterward. It was also confirmed that some of the “partygoers” are now requiring intensive medical care. She also related that the event was most likely held to achieve immunity to the virus without receiving the recommended vaccine shots.

    Hinshaw pointed out that with the province’s hospitals currently overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, “hosting or attending an event like this is irresponsible and dangerous.” She added that “severe illness, and transmitting to others who may become severely ill or even die is an absolutely likely outcome” if such an event were held.

    Hinshaw emphasized that they are still investigating the reported “COVID-19 party” and will closely coordinate with the Alberta Health Services to gather more concrete information. “If anyone wants to get protection from infection, vaccines are free and easily available,” she advised.

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