Hospital in Ontario Places More than a Hundred Unvaccinated Staff Members on Unpaid Leave for Two Weeks.

    On Wednesday, the Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH), based in southwestern Ontario, put 140 employees on a two-week unpaid leave. The said employees were placed on leave for failing to have their COVID-19 vaccine shots.

    Of the 140 employees who were placed on leave, 84 are members of the clinical staff. The WRH stressed that these employees are given until October 7 to have their COVID-19 vaccine jabs, or else they could face serious consequences.

    WRH President and CEO David Musyj related that their hospital “has put the safety and well-being of patients, our community, and team members first by requiring employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.”

    Besides having their privileges suspended, the recent announcement also emphasized that those employees who remain unvaccinated after the given deadline will be possibly terminated from service.

    The WRH’s vaccination policy was announced earlier this month to help curb the number of test-positive cases in the province. The said policy required all hospital employees, except those with valid medical exemptions, to have their COVID-19 shots by September 22.

    Musyj pointed out that most of the WRH’s employees “responded by showing the importance of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.” He also shared that “the individuals who have not complied with the policy and decided not to be vaccinated will not impact the provision of clinical or non-clinical care to our community.”

    The decision by Windsor Regional Hospital is not only irresponsible but also violates the constitutional rights of its employees. It is a known fact that Ontario is suffering from medical worker shortages across the board. Suspending their front-line employees who were working tirelessly during the pandemic shows the real face of WRH President and CEO David Musyj and the whole Canadian Healthcare system in general.

    By forcing its employees out of their jobs because they choose not to participate in worldwide human trials of untested genetic treatment, David Musyj violates their constitutional rights and puts more pressure on the hospital by laying off 140 employees.

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