Family of Special Needs Woman Looking to Sue School and Pharmacy After She Was Injected with COVID-19 Vaccine Without Consent

    A family in Alberta is considering filing a lawsuit against Olds College, and the Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd., after their special needs daughter was administered the COVID-19 vaccine without their appropriate consent. And to make things even worse, the young woman is now exhibiting signs of adverse health effects from her recent jab of the experimental shot.

    Ryan Gassner, the father of the special needs woman, related that her daughter has epilepsy and developmental delays. Despite their daughter being 18, Ryan shared that he and his wife, Brandy, still have full guardianship of her since she functions at an “11-year-old cognitive level.”

    He added that they enrolled their daughter in the one-year transition-to-employment program at Olds College back in August. Ryan also pointed out that she was living with a care provider to assist her with her needs.

    Akin to most academic institutions in Alberta, Olds College has made COVID-19 vaccination mandatory in line with the directive issued by the Trudeau-led federal government. However, the school also allows showing a negative antigen test every 72 hours, which the Gassners believed was the best option for their daughter because of her somewhat frail health.

    According to Ryan, they avoided certain medications, including some childhood vaccines, because they contain ingredients that could expose their daughter to the risk of a severe anaphylactic reaction.

    Moreover, he stressed that they had already finished making arrangements to take their daughter from Olds to Airdrie for the antigen test twice a week. They were also in the process of obtaining a medical exemption for their daughter regarding the vaccine requirement.

    Then much to Ryan’s and Brandy’s surprise, they got a text from their daughter saying that she was given the COVID-19 vaccine at a local pharmacy to be allowed inside the Olds College premises. “It was a big needle that they put in my arm,” their daughter related in her text message.

    They later learned that one of their daughter’s coaches at Olds College told her to get the shot to keep on attending her classes. However, Ryan explained that their daughter “didn’t understand and had no concept of what they were requesting of her.”

    Ryan and Brandy, with the help of a local lawyer, Derek From with WKA Lawyers, want an apology from the school and the pharmacy because their daughter was clearly “compelled under duress to take a COVID-19 vaccination against her will.” The Gassners have already sent a legal letter to Olds College and the Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd, which the latter should reply to by November 15, or else they will press criminal charges.

    “We are asking for an apology from the college and assurances they will take guardianship seriously in the future for other students and us in the same situation,” Ryan stressed. “All we’ve heard so far from the college is that they’ve received the letter and are investigating.” He reiterated that the school only has until November 15 to respond, or else they will move forward with criminal charges.

    As the result of the misguided vaccination of their daughter, Ryan reported that she already suffered “two confirmed grand mal seizures,” including difficulty staying awake and keeping in focus. He described her current condition as similar to “a full-blown dementia patient.”

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