Yorkdale Shopping Centre Shooting Incident Leads to One Arrest.

    On Sunday afternoon, the Toronto Police tweeted that they have received reports that gunshots were heard inside the Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

    Around 4 PM on August 29th, the municipal police force posted that they received several calls from concerned citizens that shots were fired inside the mall. The social media post also informed that officers were already dispatched to the shopping establishment.

    A follow-up tweet disclosed that an individual was being pursued and eventually arrested. A firearm was also recovered from the suspect during the operation.

    After the suspect was apprehended, the Toronto Police conducted an additional investigation on the shooting incident, which required the mall to be in total lockdown for a couple of hours.

    There were no reports of persons injured during the pursuit of the suspect or the subsequent arrest.

    Mall staff and customers at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre when the shooting incident took place also tweeted their experiences on social media.

    One person shared how the suspect “ran” and “busted glass doors” to evade the police officers, while another related how he got stuck in an apparel store. The lockdown culminated at 6 PM.

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