Woman Succumbs to “Rare Brain Disease” After Getting Second Dose of Pfizer COVID-19 Jab.

    64-year-old Florida resident, Cheryl Cohen, was given her second shot of the COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by Pfizer last April. Although Cheryl did not want to get the vaccine, she was pressured into getting the jabs because her employer required it.

    Less than two weeks after the shot, the healthy senior mom and sales representative started experiencing sudden bouts of confusion and brain fog. Besides having trouble remembering where she was headed after a few minutes of driving, Cheryl also went through excruciating headaches that seemed to worsen each day.

    And then things got even more severe—and scarier—when Cheryl decided to seek medical assistance on May 31. She was taken to North Shore Medical Center in Homestead, Florida.

    Her doctors initially couldn’t figure out what Cheryl’s health issue was. They even described the 64-year old’s condition as something they “hadn’t seen before.” Her medical team eventually decided to send her home so that they could plan their next move. Remarkably, Cheryl can still do everyday activities like work and drive during this time.

    It wasn’t until her doctors decided to take a magnetic resonance imaging or MRI of Cheryl’s brain that they detected anomalies that could be signs of prion disease, an illness characterized by abnormal folds in the brain.

    To prevent Cheryl’s condition from worsening, her doctors performed two spinal taps—also called lumbar punctures—to determine their following action. The said procedures helped her medical team ascertain that she was suffering from a rare brain disease called Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD). It was only during this time that Giani, Cheryl’s daughter, learned that her mother got the COVID-19 vaccine jabs.

    On June 19, Cheryl was rushed to the emergency room after complaining about a massive headache that “she felt her head was going to explode.” It was so bad that doctors advised her to be admitted to the hospital.

    Giani shared that her mom began to deteriorate quickly in the days that followed when she was under hospital care. “It’s like fast-acting dementia,” she related. “It was an unfortunate thing, so scary, so insane.” Unlike the previous days when Cheryl could still perform her regular daily routines, Giani shared that she was shocked to see her mother in her condition. She was seemingly paralyzed from the waist down, trembling uncontrollably every few minutes, and unable to talk, except a few broken sentences.

    In the days leading to Cheryl’s death, Giani divulged that she asked her mother if she believed that what she was going through was caused by the vaccine. Cheryl, even though having a lot of difficulty speaking, said, “yep.” The 64-year-old was eventually discharged to hospice.

    On June 22, Cheryl Cohen passed away. Her doctors, led by internist Dr. Andrea Folds, believe that her untimely demise has a connection with the COVID-19 vaccine that was injected into her body back in April.

    A quote from Dr. Folds’ statement is provided below as an explanation to the possible connection between the Pfizer vaccine administered on Cheryl and the sudden onset of the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) in her brain:

    “This case identifies potential adverse events that could occur with the administration of the novel COVID-19 vaccine. Moreover, clinicians need to consider neurodegenerative diseases such as prion disease (e.g., sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease), autoimmune encephalitis, infection, non-epileptic seizure, toxic-metabolic disorders, etc. in their differential diagnoses when a patient presents with rapidly progressive dementia, particularly in the setting of recent vaccination.”

    On a related note, the Biden-led U.S. government is still pressuring its citizens to get the COVID-19 vaccine these days.

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