FDA Official Suggests Using Blowdarts to Vaccinate American Citizens in Shocking Video.

    “Blow darts. It is the perfect answer.”

    This is what Taylor Lee, an economist for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, had to say when asked about how to administer COVID-19 among U.S. citizens who are still hesitant to get the jabs, particularly the minorities like African-Americans.

    Lee’s shocking answer was recorded in a video clandestinely shot by an undercover journalist from Project Veritas. The video shows the FDA economist laying out his plans to deal with the still unvaccinated population across the United States. Besides constantly repeating the suggestion of using blowdarts, he also pushed for the idea of imposing forced vaccination “like in Nazi Germany.”

    Notably, the FDA economist seems to be partial about the COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by Johnson & Johnson (J&J) because he repeats the brand several times in the undercover footage.

    When asked if his plan to use blow darts would be seen as racist by African-Americans, Lee responded that “we will go for the whites first” to avoid that situation. He also went on to share that there are three types of people during this pandemic, namely the anti-vaxxers, the people who choose not to get the vaccine because they are undocumented—illegal—immigrants, and those who’ve already had their shots against COVID-19.

    “If we just stick everyone again with the J&J to make sure that everyone’s got something, then we’re good,” Lee pointed out. He also reiterated his plan of using blow darts when the undercover journalist asked him how he plans to “stick everyone” with the said vaccine. Lee stressed the government could use drones to shoot the blow darts to unvaccinated individuals. “And since J&J isn’t mRNA, you have no issue of it counteracting with anything else,” he added.

    Moreover, the FDA economist proposed that the vaccines should be administered—even if through forceful means—to people who do not reach a standard level of intelligence quotient or IQ. He specifically mentioned “all of the colloquial things we see in Alabama” in putting the idea forward. “And if you fail below a certain level of IQ, you’re getting a shot,” Lee pointed out.

    On bodily autonomy, Lee emphasized that he doesn’t care about it since those who are still unvaccinated are putting others in jeopardy. He also said that “most educated people would think the vaccine is a good thing.” The FDA official even pushed the notion of going door-to-door to administer the COVID-19 shots. He admitted that the government has the infrastructure to do it, even if it will cost a lot of money.

    Lee also stressed that “at that point, I think there needs to be a registry of people who aren’t vaccinated,” all for going back to normal. He even added that “if they start handing out vaccines, I’m going door-to-door and stab everyone.”

    When the discussion arrived on the subject of statistics, Lee shared that it is one of the things that “you can play around” and “sometimes you can find the thing to tell you what you want it to tell you.” This revelation hints that the U.S. government or the FDA could only present fake data and information to spread fear among its citizens.

    “I think the blow darts are probably still our most feasible option,” Lee concluded. However, he cautioned that “again if you’re an undercover journalist, you can’t quote me.”

    Below you will find the original video by Project Veritas.

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