Toronto Enters The Tenth Tay of Heat Wave.

    Toronto is continuing to experience soaring temperatures for ten consecutive days now, which prompted Environment Canada to issue another heat warning for the city.

    According to the government weather agency on Sunday, Torontonians should expect the next few days to be quite “hot and humid,” with an overall high of 31°C. These weather conditions are also speculated to keep up until Monday.

    Besides the soaring temperatures, Environment Canada also warned against deteriorating air quality that could even reach a “moderate risk” level, which could cause adverse health effects among individuals with chronic illnesses, senior citizens, pregnant women, and young kids.

    Common symptoms of these adverse health effects include cramps, rashes, and swelling. Fainting is another indicator, but it is one of the rarer symptoms.

    Environment Canada strongly recommends drinking lots of water before even getting thirsty and, if feasible, avoid exposure to the sun during the days’ hottest parts, particularly noon and early afternoon.

    The government weather agency also stressed that temperatures would already start to drop down on Tuesday based on their satellite forecast.

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