Sexually explicit content allowed again in OnlyFans after user backlash.

    After a week of announcing that it won’t be allowing sexually explicit content anymore, OnlyFans reverses its decision and drops its ban on porn.

    This change of heart is seen to be driven by the disapproval of its content creators, who mainly sell adult content in exchange for subscription fees. Notably, these subscriptions play a vital role in making the platform successful since its launch in 2016.

    The porn ban announced by OnlyFans on August 19 was purportedly aimed at making their platform friendlier for investors and realigning with payment processors’ requirements and bank policies. However, it also emphasized that the ban on adult content was needed to “ensure the long-term sustainability” of the platform.

    This decision did not sit well with the creators and users of the platform, and it did not take long before they expressed their displeasure on the matter.

    OnlyFans presently has over 130 million users, who have already generated more than $5 billion in revenue, mainly through the release of sexually explicit content.

    A recent tweet from OnlyFans assured that the platform “will continue to provide a home for all creators” and thanked them for making their voices heard.

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