RCMP on the lookout for a man exposing himself to strangers near Coquitlam trail.

    The RCMP of Coquitlam is currently looking for a man who allegedly exposed himself to strangers on three separate occasions near the top of Coquitlam Crunch.

    Authorities disclosed that the incidents took place at the end of Eagle Ridge Drive, close to the peak of the popular Coquitlam hiking trail. According to the victims’ statements, the first indecent act happened on May 24.

    One victim recounted that she saw the man walk past her car and then stared at her for a few minutes. Then, when she thought that he would finally leave, the man suddenly got close to where her vehicle was parked and exposed himself.

    The victim added that she immediately fled the area for fear of what the flasher might do next. Since then, the Coquitlam RCMP has received two more incident reports involving similar details on August 21.

    All of the victims described the suspect as in his mid-forties, approximately 5’10” tall, has a medium skin tone, has a medium build, and possibly Middle Eastern or South Asian. They also shared that he had short black facial stubble and short black hair.

    The police believe that the person responsible for these indecent acts is the same. They have also released composite sketches of the suspect to increase the chances of his apprehension.

    The RCMP of Coquitlam encourages the public to report any useful and relevant information to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or the Coquitlam RCMP at 604-945-1550.

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