Over 2 Million Possible COVID-19 Vaccine-Related Injuries Occurred in 2021 According to WHO Database.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) database reveals that more than 2 million potential COVID-19 jab injuries occurred in 2021, with most victims being women under 45. The information is posted on VigiAccess, the WHO-established global database that allows people to browse and view suspected side effects from various medicinal products.

    As of October 7, VigiAccess has already racked a total of 2,199,476 reports of adverse health effects from individuals who recently received their COVID-19 vaccine shots. Additionally, 866,558 of these people are aged 18 to 44, and 1,517,989 of the reported vaccine-related injuries have been seen in women.

    Notably, the numbers of reported COVID-19 jab injuries are still rising now.

    Apart from the onset of respiratory issues like pneumonia and pulmonary embolism, several other adverse side effects were reported by persons—primarily females—who were administered the COVID-19 vaccine. These include deep vein thrombosis, fetal growth restriction, kidney failure, stillbirth, fetal death, spontaneous abortion, brain neoplasms (tumors), myocarditis, pericarditis, and vaginal hemorrhaging.

    The figures reflected in the WHO database corroborate the claims of various healthcare workers, scientists, nurses, and doctors across the globe who reported a potential link between the COVID-19 vaccine shots and severe health issues that mainly involve women’s fertility and reproductive organs.

    Idaho-based pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole disclosed in March that he saw a “20 times increase” in cases of endometrial cancers ever since the U.S. government-mandated vaccination was implemented.

    Former Pfizer vice president, Dr. Michael Yeadon, raised his concerns about why the vaccine regulators and the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing them seem to keep the fact that some pregnant women who were injected with the shots “developed three-fold higher levels of antibodies against their own placentas.”

    German scientists also discovered the presence of polyethylene glycol in both Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA COVID vaccines, which have a “toxicity issue in humans” and can damage the ovaries.

    Moreover, reproductive hormone specialist Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet shared a 2018 study conducted by Chinese researchers that found mRNA vaccine nanoparticles can accumulate and cause issues in reproductive function.

    Dr. Peter McCullough, an academic physician who is considered as one of the pillars of cardiology, related that “Americans are going to bear the brunt of what invariably is going to be a failed mass vaccination program,” which he refers to as “one of the most injurious and costly in human history.”

    Remarkably, the European Union (EU) drug database also shares similar statistics of COVID-19 jab injuries. Two million adverse health effects have been reported since, with more than half classified as “serious.” In addition, more than 21,000 fatalities have also been tallied in the EU’s database.

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