Former U.S. President Trump Affirms “Natural Immunity” is Far Better Than Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine Shots.

    In a recent Fox interview with Sean Hannity, former President Donald Trump pointed out that building “natural immunity” against COVID-19 is significantly better than any vaccine. Trump stressed that the body becomes immune to the virus after being infected with the same.

    The Republican Party standard-bearer related that anyone who has conquered the virus has built a natural immunity against it and won’t need the COVID-19 vaccine jabs anymore. “You don’t need the vaccine,” Trump emphasized. “You become immune.”

    Moreover, the former President related that he disagrees with how Americans are being forced to get the COVID-19 vaccine shots, which he described as “totalitarian” in nature.

    He reiterated that the jabs are already unnecessary, especially to those who have overcome the adverse effects of COVID-19, which he often referred to as the “China virus” and the “Wuhan virus” based on the several pieces of evidence that surfaced where it supposedly originated.

    Biden’s vaccine mandates include getting the COVID-19 shots as a condition for employment and making businesses and similar establishments like public dining and recreational venues require proof of vaccination for admittance. Most major cities in the U.S. have already set this requirement in place, save for some states like Texas that have actively rejected it until now.

    These mandates, in addition to the seemingly arbitrary imposition of restrictions and lockdowns, have already affected thousands and thousands of healthcare professionals. Several doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers have already been displaced from their jobs due to non-compliance with the mandatory vaccination.

    Interestingly, the position that natural immunity is notably superior to the COVID-19 vaccine is supported by scientific studies from across the globe. For example, one such study from Israel discovered that individuals who have received the two total doses of the vaccine are “twenty-seven times more likely” to be infected with the virus again.

    Moreover, those who have built natural immunity against the virus have been seen to have more robust memory B cells and B-lymphocytes, which provide a much stronger immunity barrier against COVID-19. This fact was even highlighted by three Pfizer scientists in a series of undercover footage who shared that vaccine immunity is less reliable than natural immunity.

    Trump concluded that the forced vaccination and the mandates issued by the government and its policy makers all boiled down to taking away Constitutional freedoms. “People have to have their freedoms,” Trump contended. “Why are they forcing people to take the vaccine?”

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