Ontario Science Table Reports Significant Surge of COVID-19 Cases Among Children.

    The Ontario Science Table recently revealed a rising number of children getting infected with COVID-19 across the province these days. The advisory group also announced that this surge is observed amid the decreasing tally of test-positive cases across the region.

    Using their most updated COVID-19 pandemic modeling, the Ontario Science Table found a 2.7% decrease in the overall tally of individuals who got infected with the virus in the past few weeks. However, the resumption of in-person learning could spell trouble for younger children, especially those still ineligible to get their vaccine shots.

    Additionally, the advisory group advised that although the COVID-19 situation is mostly under control in Ontario’s public health units, it is still fragile. If necessary protocols are not strictly implemented, this could mean potential high transmission rates in school-aged kids below the vaccination threshold.

    The Ontario Science Table projected that if the current COVID-19 measures are going to be rigidly observed, the test-positive cases in the whole province could be kept below 2,000 per day. There is also a chance that the transmission rate could drop by as much as 25% if the policies currently set up are continued to be followed.

    Moreover, the advisory group warned that test-positive cases could spike up over 5,000 per day in November if these protocols and measures established by the provincial government are not closely observed.

    On a related note, the Ontario Science Table projected that more than 300 beds in intensive care units of hospitals across the region would be occupied in October. In contrast to the previous months, the advisory group also speculated that individuals under the age of 60 are expected to require intensive care in the coming weeks.

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