Dr. Peter McCullough Discloses Critical Points About COVID-19 the U.S. Government Seems to Keep Under the Rug.

    In a recent interview, Dr. Peter McCullough, a published and multi-awarded internist, and cardiologist revealed some crucial truths about COVID-19 that the U.S. government and its policymakers seem to leave unnoticed until now deliberately.

    For the past ten years, McCullough, a professor of medicine at Texas A&M University, began his discussion by saying Americans are relying for information on the pandemic from government officials who are not board-certified medical professionals. “They don’t even have qualifications in what they’re doing right now,” he pointed out.

    The distinguished internist and cardiologist then discussed five (5) critical points about COVID-19 that Americans—and the rest of the world oppressed with unwarranted medical protocols and health measures—need to hear.

    COVID-19 spreads from one sick person to a healthy person.

    According to McCullough, the virus is not transmitted from asymptomatic individuals. He said that this statement is backed by months of extensive scientific research on how the virus behaves. “They can’t spread it to us,” he stressed. “They are forming their own immunity.” Dr. McCullough added that the chance of an asymptomatic person infecting a healthy person with COVID-19 is “less than one percent.”

    Testing asymptomatic individuals for COVID-19 is pointless.

    McCullough next tackled the utterly unnecessary testing of asymptomatic people, which according to him, is only costing the government a lot of money, and it’s not even approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the World Health Organization (WHO). He emphasized that if they are not capable of spreading the virus, why bother testing them?

    Natural immunity against COVID-19 is robust, complete, and durable.

    The internist and cardiologist with over 600 published peer-reviewed medical studies accredited to his name shared that if you get infected with COVID-19 once, your body will form immunity to it. This forming of immunity means you can’t get it a second time. “It’s one and done,” he shared. “You just can’t get it again.” Natural immunity is better than any vaccine against the virus ever produced.

    COVID-19 can be treated at home.

    Contrary to what the mainstream media is disseminating, McCullough related that the virus could be easily treated at home with medicines readily available. “We’re busting the myth that COVID-19 is not treatable,” he said. Moreover, the esteemed physician also asked why monoclonal antibodies, Hydroxychloroquine, Colchicine, and Ivermectin aren’t getting their fair share of the limelight regarding COVID-19 treatment when they have been proven effective in doing the same.

    The COVID-19 vaccines are not effective and can be very dangerous for humans.

    As for the vaccines against COVID-19 pushed by the Biden-led U.S. government and its policymakers that don’t even have a science or medical background, McCullough shared that they are not effective and unsafe. “It’s a modern-day tragedy,” he stressed. “We’ve never had a medical product ever in the history of mankind result in 12,000 American deaths.”

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