Canada Mandates Beijing 2022 Olympic Delegation to be Fully Vaccinated

    The Canadian Olympic Committee recently announced that all members of the country’s delegation to the Beijing 2022 Olympics must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This mandate covers athletes and team staff and aligns with the federal government’s directive that all international travellers must have received their two vaccine shots by October 30.

    Canadian Olympic Committee CEO and Secretary-General David Shoemaker pointed out in a statement that they are aiming to realize an outcome similar to the previous Olympics held in Tokyo. “We brought 840 people to and from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games without a single positive case,” he stressed. “We want to do the same for Beijing.”

    Shoemaker added that the entire Team Canada must closely observe specific health protocols to keep them free from infection. “A fully vaccinated team following robust hygiene and physical distancing protocols is the best way to do that,” he emphasized.

    Moreover, the CEO and Secretary-General of the Canadian Olympic Committee also reiterated the importance of vaccination among the country’s delegation in next year’s Olympics. “We know that the best way to keep athletes, staff, and the communities we live, train and compete in safe is for all members of Team Canada to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.”

    On a related note, the members of the Canadian Paralympic Committee announced a similar vaccine policy for their delegation as well. The 2022 Beijing Olympics will be opened on February 4 and will culminate on February 20 next year. As for the Paralympics, the competition will kick off on March 4 and ends on March 13.

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