Assault Charge Filed Against Man Who Threw Gravel at Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

    A man was formally charged with assault following a gravel throwing incident that primarily targeted Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in London, Ontario, on September 6.

    According to last Saturday’s statement by the London Police, they have disclosed that they already arrested and filed one count of assault with a weapon against 25-year-old Shane Marshall.

    After videos of the incident surfaced on social media sites, Marshall was identified as throwing gravel at Trudeau while boarding his campaign bus after a whistle-stop campaign event in London, Ontario.

    Marshall is part of the angry crowd that expressed their resentment at how the national government handles the pandemic, particularly the seemingly mandatory administration of COVID-19 vaccines among citizens and the setting up of “vaccination passports“ that are aimed to take away rights and privileges.

    While Trudeau seemed to be Marshall’s primary target, he also hit several other individuals near the Liberal Leader during that time. Trudeau was generally unscathed, but some of the pieces of gravel managed to strike his shoulder as he noted.

    Additionally, it was found that Marshall was a riding association president for the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) after an investigation was launched following the incident. However, the 25-year-old was already removed from the said position, according to a spokesperson of the PPC.

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