Alleged Letter From KKK Sent to Langley Islamic Centre

    The Langley Musalla, also known as the Langley Islamic Centre, recently posted on its social media page a photo of a threatening and racist letter that was supposedly from the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

    According to the said post, the mosque received the letter on August 26, which contained a warning that said they had “two months to shut this place down and leave.”

    Presumably, to keep the sender’s identity under wraps, the words on the racist note were not written but were cut out from individual letters out of a newspaper or a magazine and pasted on the paper.

    The letter notably included a reference to the murderous attack of an Islamic centre in Christchurch, New Zealand, and an allusion to Adolf Hitler in the German language.

    However, the Langley Islamic Centre announced in a statement that it is not putting up with any threats or intimidation from people looking to destroy the “beautiful community in Langley BC.”

    It also emphasized that “our community should not have to congregate in fear” and told the public that “this should not be happening.”

    The British Columbia Hate Crimes Unit, Integrated National Security Enforcement Team, and RCMP investigators already launched an investigation that could have sent the letter and motive behind it.

    The Langley RCMP encourages the public to call 604-532-3200 if they have any valuable information to help solve the case.

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