U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson Warns that the “Worst is Yet to Come” in the Biden-Led COVID-19 Vaccine Oppression

    Senior United States Senator from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, recently announced that the tyranny displayed by President Biden and his team of national health policymakers regarding the forced administration of the COVID-19 vaccine among American citizens is just starting to unfold.

    Johnson related that the “worst is yet to come” given the current administration’s seemingly deliberate disregard of “three realities” that need to be put in the spotlight to help not just alleviate the pandemic but eliminate it.

    The senior senator pointed out that these three realities are post-vaccination infections, natural immunity, and vaccine injuries and deaths. He added that what’s even more alarming is that concerned individuals who try to get these out in the open are automatically labelled as unhinged or ludicrous—a demographic that includes the senator himself.

    “Those of us who attempt to inform the public of these three realities are not only the targets of vilification,” Johnson stressed. However, he emphasized that the silver lining in this situation is that these usually reviled people have also become “magnets for people who desperately want their stories to be told so others can avoid harm.”

    The Republican lawmaker from Wisconsin then shared the story of U.S. Army flight surgeon Lt. Col. Theresa Long, whose medical license was subjected to unwarranted abuse. All her appointments with patients were canceled because she tried warning her superiors about the possible adverse health effects of the experimental COVID-19 shots.

    Johnson also related the tragic experience of a Wisconsin pilot who works for a U.S.-based airline. A few days after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine jabs, he suddenly went through sudden bouts of severe migraine headaches and suffered partial blindness in one eye. When the pilot consulted his doctor, he was told that he “had suffered micro strokes,” which he dared not tell his Federal Aviation Administration medical examiner for fear of losing his job.

    The senior senator explained that these stories are but a handful of tragic narratives from people who have experienced vaccine-induced injuries. Moreover, he stressed that aside from the harm that American citizens are exposed to when injected with the experimental COVID-19 shots, the Biden-led administration’s forceful implementation of the vaccine roll-out will ultimately lead to numerous violations of Constitutional rights and other serious ramifications.

    These include the right to domestic and international travel, drawbacks in national defense and medical care, not to mention causing shortages in airline pilots, military numbers, and hospital staff. “Unfortunately, we now know the vaccines do not preclude infection or transmission,” the Republican lawmaker added. He stressed that people are forced to choose between “their livelihoods and a freedom-robbing vaccination mandate with no rationale.”

    He also stated that a lawsuit against the military concerning the COVID-19 vaccines is already in the works to prevent a possible collapse of the national defense in the next few months if the forced vaccination requirement is still implemented among uniformed personnel and other citizens.

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