Three Ontario Doctors Banned from Providing COVID-19 Medical Exemptions

    For failing to follow the guidelines set by the Ontario government closely, three doctors from Ontario have been banned from giving out on providing COVID-19 medical exemptions for masking, testing, and vaccinations. These physicians are Dr. Patrick Phillips, Dr. Rochagne Kilian, and Dr. Mark Trozzi.

    Apart from taking away their authority to give medical exemptions, the province also ordered that they post information regarding the said ban in their respective offices for the public to see. Notably, the ban was imposed on the physicians because they were not acting under the provincial government of Ontario’s “clear instructions and criteria for medical exemptions for the COVID-19 vaccine.”

    While Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario’s chief medical officer of health, related that medical exemptions could be given, they should not be provided indiscriminately. He also pointed out that the number of medical exemptions granted in Ontario is inexplicably higher than in other regions.

    While the typical figures in other provinces regarding the medical exemptions are only at between one and five persons in every 100,000 individuals, Moore stressed that the number of medical exemptions in Ontario is pegged at 1% to 2% or one to two in 100.

    Commenting on the issue, the College of Ontario Physicians and Surgeons said in a statement that the “evidence is clear that for the vast majority of patients, the available vaccines are safe and effective and remain our best tool in ending this pandemic.” It also added that “there are very few acceptable medical exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccination.”

    “Deliberately providing patients with exemption documentation that does not meet Ministry criteria or providing exemptions to circumvent vaccination mandates could constitute serious misconduct,” the College explained further. “We take these matters very seriously and, wherever we become aware of allegations, we would take all appropriate steps to investigate.”

    Remarkably, Dr. Kilian previously exposed the “unethical” practices carried out by medical institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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