The Liberal Campaign Needs a Bit of Fine-Tuning After The Violence at The Event, Says Trudeau.

    On Tuesday, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau announced that their campaign would need some adjustments after he and others experienced violence at a recent event.

    It was reported on Monday that Trudeau and others were hit with debris when somebody threw gravel at the politician’s campaign bus. The incident took place after the Liberal Leader held a whistle-stop campaign event in London, Ontario.

    Apart from the Liberal party’s supporters, angry protesters also showed up at the whistle-stop campaign event.

    The protesters expressed their resentment at how the national government is handling the pandemic, particularly the seemingly mandatory administration of COVID-19 vaccines among citizens and the setting up of “vaccination passports“ that seem to take away rights and privileges.

    After the campaign event, while Trudeau was boarding his campaign bus, the protesters flanked the vehicle on either side. They continued expressing their anger and disappointment at the government’s handling of the COVID-19 situation. Then somebody threw gravel at Trudeau, which also hit others near him.

    In a recent announcement, the Liberal Leader expressed his dismay following Monday’s events.

    However, he emphasized that Canadians “should be proud that politicians can walk down the street without fear of being attacked as they might in the United States,” referring to the US Capitol building riot that occurred last January 6.

    “As we see little pockets of people lashing out in ways that remind us of horrific events like the storming of the Capitol, Canadians need to know that their leaders, that their country is standing firm not to let that happen,”

    Trudeau emphasized.

    “Yes, we need to adjust, we need to make sure we’re keeping people safe, but we need to not accept that further distancing between people and the people who want to represent them is inevitable or desirable,”

    he also added.

    The Liberal Leader’s political rivals in the federal race have also expressed their disapproval for Monday’s events.

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